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Conversion Audit

Conversion Rate Optimization

We audit websites and landing pages to identify conversion problems.

The Conversion Audit is an analysis of the website or landing page to figure out why users are not staying on the page, not converting and not clicking a CTA. We then provide conversion rate optimization (CRO) suggestions to improve your website conversion rate.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the study of why people leave a website without clicking the Call-to Action (CTA) on the page such as: register for an appointment, event, demo, trial, download or purchase. CRO uses a number of disciplines including design, sales, psychology, usability and statistics. The end result is an improvement in conversion rate for leads or sales.

The Process

Step 1. We analyze the web site or landing page providing highlighted screenshots.


Step 2. You will meet with a CRO expert over the phone or video call to discuss business site’s objectives, the Conversion Audit findings and provide actionable ideas to improve conversions.


Step 3. You will also receive a Conversion Score which evaluates 10 conversion issues and provides a better understanding of what needs to be fixed on the site and what is doing well.


Step 4. You will better understand why users are confused or not completing the site’s goals.


Step 5. You will get ideas to implement and to start the conversion rate optimization process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?

There is a one-time cost of £500 for the conversion audit.

Who performs the conversion audit?

One of our conversion rate optimization experts with decades of experience in website design, usability, lead generation and e-commerce.

How long does the audit take?

The audit is complete within 3-5 business days. At that point a meeting is set to review the findings.

What will I receive?

We will review what we have found on the site or page in detail with you during the 30 minute meeting. As we learn more about the business, we will provide additional ideas to improve the conversion rate. You will get a Conversion Audit report that includes a Conversion Score and screen shots of important pages with comments. The Conversion Score evaluates 10 conversion issues and provides a better understanding of what needs to be fixed on the site and what is doing well.

How is the conversion score calculated?

The Conversion Score provides a way of gauging how the site or page is performing from a conversion standpoint. The following ten conversion issues are audited: Design, titles, content, call-to-action, simplicity, distractions, desire, color, forms/checkout, user engagement and capture. These issues provide a better understanding of what needs to be fixed on the site and what is doing well.

What are some examples of CRO recommendations?

The recommendations focus on changes that will increase conversions. They can include design elements such as: images, copy, layout, call to action, process or instructions, forms and testing suggestions. The end result is that you will know what needs to be fixed and how to go about fixing it.

Can I focus on specific areas within the audit?

Yes, we can look at specific areas of the users journey on the website instead of the whole site. For example a sign up process or landing page.

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