GA4 Migration & Setup

A complete GA4 migration and setup service to ensure maximum data accuracy

GA4 is the next generation of Google Analytics and has been developed to be less reliant on cookies and offer a future-proofed predictive, privacy-focused platform.

The impact of GDPR and CCPA, the change in how browsers collect data, and user demand for more data control and transparency, have contributed to the birth of the new Google Analytics platform.

The major difference between the two is a change in tracking. While UA was session-based tracking, GA4 is built for user-based tracking. This allows you to track individual users even if they are accessing your app or website from multiple devices.

GA4 <> GTM

We use the recommended Google Tag Manager (GTM) setup method for all GA4 integrations. The key benefit of utilizing GTM for GA4 implementation is the ease and efficiency it brings to managing tags and events on your website. With GTM, you can effortlessly add, modify, and control GA4 tracking codes without directly editing your website’s source code. Saving time and effort while ensuring accurate and consistent tracking. GTM’s flexibility and scalability also enable you to adapt to evolving tracking needs and seamlessly integrate other marketing and analytics tools.

Server Side Tracking

GA4 server-side tracking is a method of directly sending data to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) from the server, bypassing client-side JavaScript tracking. It offers benefits such as enhanced privacy, improved accuracy, and flexibility. Server-side tracking addresses the limitations of client-side tracking and allows for customization and filtering of data before sending it to GA4. This expands data collection capabilities and provides businesses with more control and accurate insights for analysis and decision-making in GA4.

Enhanced Ecommerce Events

In GA4, setting up ecommerce events involves configuring the tracking of important actions and interactions related to ecommerce activities on a website or app. This includes events such as product views, add to cart, purchases, and other custom actions specific to an ecommerce business. By properly setting up ecommerce events in GA4, businesses can effectively track and analyze user behaviour, sales performance, and conversion rates.

GA4 Events Configuration

Defining and configuring custom ecommerce events in GA4 allows businesses to track and analyze specific actions and interactions related to their ecommerce activities. With GA4, you have the flexibility to define custom events tailored to your business objectives, such as product views, add-to-cart, purchases, or any other custom actions relevant to your ecommerce operations. By configuring these custom events in GA4, you gain deeper insights into user behaviour, sales performance, and conversion rates. This data empowers you to optimize marketing campaigns, identify bottlenecks in the customer journey, and enhance the overall ecommerce experience. Custom ecommerce events in GA4 provide a powerful tool to capture and leverage data for data-driven decision-making and maximizing the success of your ecommerce efforts.

Data-layer Implementation

GA4 data layers are structured sets of data that provide a standardized way to pass information from a client’s website or app to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Data layers act as a bridge, allowing businesses to track custom events and send specific data to GA4 for analysis.

By utilizing data layers, businesses can easily track custom events and pass relevant data to GA4 for detailed analysis. This setup provides a standardized and efficient way to collect and leverage event-specific data, enabling businesses to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions for optimizing their website or app performance.


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A range of GA4 services to suit brands of all sizes. Our Advanced GA4 service covers everything related to GA4 migration. Simply book a call with us to get started.

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£499 One-Time
This covers the basic GA4 integration and event setup
  • Basic Ecommerce Events
  • GA4 <> GTM
  • Data Layer Implementation
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* covers the bare essentials of e-commerce

Enhanced Ecommerce

Includes all ecommerce events

£1999 One-Time
Ideal for brands looking for a plug and play GA4 setup solution
  • Enhanced Ecommerce Events
  • GA4 <> GTM
  • Data Layer Implementation
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* covers all events required by an e-commerce store

Advanced GA4 Service

Audit, Setup & Walkthrough

£4999 One-Time
Measurement plan audit, enhanced ecommerce setup and explorations setup
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  • All custom events
  • Explorations setup
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* ideal for brands looking for an end-to-end, fully managed solution

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